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Cub Scout Ranks

Cub Scouting

Youth of different ages have different ranks in Cub Scouting. As you go from Tiger (grade 1) to Arrow of Light Scout (grade 5), you learn new things and new skills that you use to meet new challenges as you get older.

  • Lion Scouts. Kindergarten youth join a Lion den, where each Scout works with an adult partner on the requirements to earn the Lion badge.
  • Tiger Scouts. First-grade youth join a Tiger den, where each Scout works with an adult partner on the requirements to earn the Tiger badge.
  • Wolf Scouts. Second-grade youth graduate into a Wolf den. They go to weekly den meetings on their own, but their families still help them work on the requirements for the Wolf badge.
  • Bear Scouts. Youth in the third grade are members of a Bear den. They also work with their families to do the requirements for the Bear badge, but Scouts this old have enough knowledge and skill to take on more of the work by themselves.
  • Webelos . Youth in the fourth and fifth grades become Webelos Scouts. Webelos Scouts do more advanced activities to get ready to graduate into Boy Scouting.

Where you begin in Cub Scouting depends on your age at the time you join. If you join when you’re in first grade, you will begin as a Tiger Cub. If you do not join until the third grade, you’ll begin as a Bear Cub Scout. You won’t have to go back and earn the Tiger Cub and Wolf badges.

The first rank all scouts earn after joining is Bobcat. Scouts must practice and learn the Scout Oath, Law, salute, sign, handshake and motto. They must also complete the Youth Protection pamphlet in the front of their handbook with a parent.

The Arrow of Light Rank

The highest rank in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light rank, which you will begin working on as a Webelos Scout. It is the only Cub Scout badge that you can wear on the Boy Scout uniform. As you work on the Arrow of Light rank, you practice outdoor skills, get physically fit, and learn more about citizenship and working with others. All of these things prepare you for the next stage of Scouting.